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March 19, 2012


Today, a fox tried to eat my dog. Yes, I am dead serious. Read how it happened here. My mom wrote it all out& I'm exhausted from the stress. My poor pup ..years ago, a pitbull tried eating him. Now, a fox! Insanity, people. Don't believe it when you hear that foxes won't attack cats or dogs& that they only hunt during the nights.

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A quick photo of my dog with some bunting in the background. He looks much prettier in this photo than he does at this moment! The fox managed to get puncture wounds directly under his left eye, his snout (went right through), nose& jaw. My poor old fart! He has a date with the vet tomorrow for some antibiotics, vaccines& a full checkup. Great start to the week!

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Liz said...

Your poor pup! I hope he recovers quickly. Sweet picture!!