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March 18, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone is wearing green for this lovely day& enjoying some Irish festivities!
I'm writing this at 12AM on Saturday evening so that I can have it all done for Sunday. Yes, I have managed to complete yet another Scavenger Hunt! I am a sporadic (at best) hunter but I do love at least trying to figure out what I'm going to photograph for the prompts. Let's get started, shall we?

1. Vintage- I spent Saint Patrick's Day doing some product photography for my friend, Meghan. She owns La Quaintrelle. Check out her awesome dresses! The style of them is so sweet& really fits this prompt! I also love black& white.

2. Word/ Quote- I totally forgot this prompt& now it's late& I'm enjoying a green drink while editing photos. I can't really be bothered to run to snap a quick photo, upload then edit it. In honor of that, enjoy an old photo from a hunt in December.

3. Nature's Own- Stumped for this one. Busting out a shot from some a sweet pup session the other day. It's mostly of a dog but nature provided the snow ..close enough, right? Enjoy this sweet little 11 week old pup named Cooper :)

4. People- I love this quick snapshot I got of Meg. We were testing the lighting in the room where I'd be doing the product shots. It was the day before& I was deciding what I'd need to bring with me to get the best photos. I didn't realize until about an hour later my camera was actually in my bag so we could take a test shot. The lighting is awesome!

5. Photographer's Choice- so excited to see this one on here! It's a St. Pat's hunt with no green prompts. That is a tragedy in my world. I decided this was the perfect chance to include my dog in the hunt. Are you guys ready for overwhelming awesomeness? I know. It's so hard to prepare for the cute overload that is my dog ;)

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