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March 13, 2012


Yesterday& the day before were lovely days. Today the sun appears to be shining& so I'm hoping we've managed to get three spring-like days in a row! I have some exciting news but I can't spill the beans yet so you guys will just have to leave your best guesses in the comments ;)

I have been working like crazy. So much work .. so many people in the pool at one time. I feel like a super lifeguard. An exhausted super lifeguard nonetheless. I drove to the boyfriend's house late last night just so he could make me feel better about my life at the pool. It worked .. I feel better. I fell asleep in two seconds once I got here& now I'm sitting here eating all his cereal. Muahah.

Enjoy a snapshot from the other evening at the pool when things were quiet. I was so bored that I grabbed my phone to snap this during the hour off& edited it. Since I don't have iPhone, I had to use one for my little Android. It's called Little Photo& works pretty good .. no instragram though! Enjoy your Tuesday folks :)

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