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January 07, 2012


A person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals.

Seriously. Look it up. That is what they are trained to do. I know, most of you know that but I have come to realize something in the last few years. Veterinarians don't realize that is what they do. My dog is getting old& he was also attacked by a Pit bull& then this other time someone (something) shook him really hard& crushed some discs in his back. My poor monster.

The point of this is to say that I have interacted with vets. They all seem to want me to find the answers myself. No went to veterinary school& I'm paying you for your knowledge. The first time I asked THREE vets for their opinions. It was after Squirt ruptured the discs in his back. I wanted to know if we should have him put down. Now, I can't make this decision myself because I don't know how to tell if he can recover from that or how much pain he is actually in. When I asked this question of 'Should I put him down or is he going to get better?', I was consistently told that that was a personal decision only I could make. Umm ..what? That does not seem like an appropriate answer at all to me. We got pain medication for him instead. My little guy is a trooper. As I mentioned in my last post, he's sick again. I'm not sure if it's just old age but he seems to also have gotten an ear infection or something so it was time once again to play the vet's game.

Even the dog knows this is going to be painful.

I called a new vet (Squirt's regular one passed away) yesterday morning. At 8:10AM. First, she put me in the system. Then she realized I was already there because I've purchased dog food from them. Thanks for killing five minutes of my time. Then she proceeds to ask me what kind of appointment I want to make. A check up. Next question? 'Well, what kind of check up?' I think I stared vacantly at the phone for about 30 seconds before answering. I told her he's old& I think he may have also developed an ear infection. She then gives me different check up choices ...I have no idea what I selected or what kind of appointment I'm walking into Monday afternoon. Why is it so hard to make an appointment for an animal? Is this just a problem I have? Is it just on this island or are vets everywhere making it hard for owners? Man ..I really hope they can at least tell me how he is doing& not that it's a personal decision only I can make.

Wow. What a vent! Feels good to get it all off my mind though.  Plus, you guys got to see an exciting photo from September of my pup. If you only knew how many I have stockpiled that just never make a public appearance ..I should probably work on my picture hoarding ;) Although it works really well for times like this. In need of a photo for the blog but the photo from 366 won't work. Cookies don't seem to fit the theme of a vent about my dog's doctors ;)

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