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January 08, 2012

Glittery self-portrait

So I promised myself that at the end of 2012, I would have 52 new self-portraits. Not just regular self-portraits though. Nope. These were all going to be really cool& creative. I was going to really expand my horizons for these bad boys. I started pinning like crazy. I made an Inspiration Board ..I was SERIOUS. So, once a week I have to take a photo of me. That means that I needed a photo by yesterday. Cue panic mode. Thankfully, when I was purchasing my red balloons to float my dog away, I also bought some star glitter. I had pinned a few photos of people blowing glitter into the air. Brilliant. My turn!

Okay. Probably not the greatest& I definitely want to repeat the whole glitter thing. I had about 10 minutes to shoot& edit this though because my boyfriend was waiting for me to hang out. Sorry, boyfriend. I cannot fail this early in! Failure is not mine yet!

Tips& tricks for this photo:
  1. Tripods always make life easier. Use it. If you don't have one, lay your camera somewhere stable where it won't fall down. Because that would suck.
  2. Stand a tall object where you'll be, then focus the camera. If you're using Autofocus click it to Manual after you have it set. 
  3. A remote would be awesome. My Rebel XS is too lowly to be able to use a remote. I use 10 second timer. Then I run!
  4. In a situation like this, you should use burst mode. You set how many photos it will take after you wait the first 10 seconds. 3 frames worked the best for me.
  5. Click away& pray.
 So, it definitely isn't a perfect attempt but it also wasn't bad. I took, uploaded& edited the photo in 11 minutes altogether. Mission accomplished. Now taking suggestions for this week's self-portrait! I am going to set aside a day when I'm not nearly as busy as I was yesterday. I think I'm really going to enjoy my once-a-week selfie! I also promised myself I'd do a photo a week of the puppy so if anyone has any clever ideas for him, I'm open to hearing those as well ;) I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday! I'll post a few photos from my photo session yesterday at some point through the week. Stay tuned .. they came out pretty great!

Also -linking this up with because they are having a self-portrait link up with some pretty great prizes! If you have a fun self-portrait (or take one before January 27), be sure to check out their site& link up! Should be really fun.

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