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January 09, 2012

Handsome dog

Yes, I often get to take photos of handsome animals. A few days ago, I got to take some photos of a super handsome golden retriever! His name is Ty& his owner& I rode together for a few years. We braved the cold& snow to get some photos. They turned out pretty good not to mention it is always nice to catch up with old friends. So, we walked around the park& caught up for about an hour before we even decided that we should probably get to the task at hand- taking some photos! My zoom lens makes photographing animals so much easier. I don't need to get right on top of them to fill the frame. I absolutely love the following shot ..he is just such a sweet, sweet dog. He melts my heart!

Linked to {snapped}!

Oh, beautiful animals make the world go 'round. Well, at the very least, they make my world go 'round! There is absolutely nothing that can make me happier than taking photos of people& their pets, especially if the people are happy with the end results. It would be great to make the animals happy as well but I think they prefer loving& treats to a good photo of themselves ..just a wild guess on my part ;) I also managed to convince Ty's owner to get in a few shots with him. Have I mentioned how lucky I am that I get to photograph some of the most beautiful people ever? So many of these photos are awesome that it was really hard to pick my top 2 for this post. When both owner& animal are as photogenic as these ones, it's hard to get a bad photo!

Such a fun winter day. Not to mention the weight that is lifted off my shoulders when the people invested in the photos end up liking them. I've never had anyone NOT like the end results but that doesn't really make me any less nervous when I uploading them to be seen for the first time! Does anyone else always get butterflies before hearing feedback from the 'client'?

Also, does anyone else feel silly when they use photography terms/ give advice? When you consider that I've really only been doing this since the spring ..I feel completely ridiculous when I do. I feel like I have to add a disclaimer to let people know they should probably check out some other blogs if they are looking for awesome photos. I have certainly improved but I don't think I should be out here giving advice or using terms like clients!

If you like these sneak peek photos, check out the rest of the shoot over here! They are definitely worth checking out ..Ty is handsome as can be& you can clearly see the owner is stunning as well. If you do visit, let me know what one is your favorite!

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