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January 06, 2012

Poor pup

My little puppers is not having such a good day today. He is very sore& needy. Also, he's going out of his little puppy mind trying to scratch his ear or convince me to do it for him. I drugged him but I don't think it's working. For now, he's content to be curled up next to me but he has a date with the vet as soon as possible to get in to see them! His normal vet is dead I guess we're going to be testing out the other vet in my neighborhood. Fingers crossed they are competent& can give me some answers!

Aside from my sick pup, it's bitter cold again in Cape Breton. It also spent all evening snowing. Make for a pretty postcard if I could have braved the crazy weather ..but instead, I just stayed inside. I'm such a cold weather pansy. I'll brave it for horses& photo shoots of people or animals. Not scenery. That stuff just sits in one spot& I suck at landscape photos anyway. Just before Christmas, I braved the weather for a snowy photo session with Kayla. She is gorgeous& a gem but I got sidetracked with all my Joey drama that I completely forgot to mention our date! We went to the boardwalk& got some great photos. Kayla is pretty much a pro in front of the camera. Seriously!

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Told you! I love this shot. I love this place for photos, in general. I am so lucky that I have the prettiest people to photograph. This weekend, I have a fun adventure involving one of the most gorgeous dogs (aside from Squirty, of course) in the world. You guys should definitely keep your eyes peeled for photos of Ty. He is like a stuffed toy come to life!

I hope you all have fabulous weekend plans. I am going to see a horror movie with the boyfriend, hopefully! The Devil Inside ..hope it is as good as I want it to be!

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