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January 05, 2012

Well then!

The photo session for my friend was canceled. I guess she decided she didn't want to brave the weather ..can't say I blame her there! Instead, I took my bundled up self& hung out with some horses. After that, I considered going for a run but got a nice, hot shower instead. It was definitely a wise life choice! Man, winter has finally arrived in Cape Breton. So very, very cold out there today. Not looking good for tomorrow, either. After all that, I decided Squirt's vacation from the light box was over.

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I have to admit. The break was very good for him. He stayed in the basket for about 10 minutes. I changed lenses, changed batteries in the flash, readjusted the lighting& he just sat there. Looking at me pathetically but being such a good dog. I told him he would get a treat if he was good& boy did he. After this photo, I went out to the garage (aka Mini Shack) to hang out with some family. They proceeded to feed him about 50 chips ..this was sugar-induced heaven for my little dog because he rarely gets people food. Perk to this? He may be content to get in the light box next time because memories of Lays chips will be forever associated with it!

Also, I'm on day 4! Only 362 left to go ..that means I've completed 1.1% of Project 366. Well, gee. When you put it that way I am clearly heading strongly for the finish line ;)

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