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January 01, 2012

MDR 25.

Expanded that would be Memories, Dreams& Reflections! It is hosted by the fabulous Ashley Sisk. It is such a fun idea! 25 photo topics. You pick your favorite for each topic and feel free to write about it. Or, just include the photos& call it a day. So fun. I'm going to attempt this right now

Me - In 2011, I started a blog! Then I got 87 followers. So that was pretty exciting. Now that blog is almost a year old. I'm sort of amazed I've stuck with it& enjoyed every minute as much as I have! Below is a favorite photo of mine ..playing around with levitating photos was definitely one of my favorite things.

I Love You - I love a lot of people in my life. My family, friends, boyfriend& puppy dog. I am choosing a photo of my pup, boyfriend& myself because I love the photo. I also love them both so much! Thanks, boys, for agreeing to be in a photo together with me ;)

Still Laughing... - A moment that made me laugh& has me still laughing now? I'm going to have to go with the day Crystal& I went on an adventure to Baddeck. Nothing overly funny happened until I tried to take some snapshots of the Fjord horses. Me+ bumble bees+ electricity= hilarity. I hate electric fences& bees so the two combined while I'm on my belly rolling under a fence (illegally) to get the 'perfect' shot made for some ...memorable moments! I did, however, get a shot worth it all!

Winter Wonderland - I seriously hate winter. I always pretend every year that I'm going to like it& I do a good job convincing myself. Until the first snowflake falls. Or the temperature drops too low for my liking. Then I hunker down& spend my days indoors. I don't mind being pasty white! I took a few photos but couldn't decide which one to post until I had a photo shoot with Luca& Gena. I just adore this shot!

Birthday - My birthday is my favorite thing ever! It doesn't happen until January though. Instead, I'm going to show you a photo from a birthday that occurred in February. The girls& I went to Halifax for 2 days. Proceed to finishing off a few vodka-pineapples, break out the SLR I don't really know how to use yet. End up with a hilarious photo of two of my very good friends. I love it will probably think 'That sucks' but some photos are worth saving for the memories :)

Friends - A photo of myself with my friends, eh? You're making the big assumption that I have any friends ;) Luckily, I do indeed have some! Several, really. Since I miss the girls in this photo though, they are lucky enough to make another appearance on this list ..right below the previous one! Not to mention ..I miss that haircut!

I Was Inspired... - I'm not really sure what inspires me. It sometimes strikes at odd moments& sometimes I only wish I could have a moment of inspiration. I don't think anyone or anything in particular inspires me so I'm not really sure what to put here! I guess I'll put up a photo of a salamander. He inspired me to grab my camera on that particular day.

Spring Fever - Spring. You lovely, lovely creature. I miss you even though you come with lots of rain& mud. I'll gladly take that over snow& cold at the moment! Plus, with the spring comes the chance for some really cool fog photos. How neat is that?!

Travel or Vacation - Oddly, Garret& I didn't go to Halifax this year. We haven't traveled much at all, except to go around some of the Cabot Trail. We played mini-putt and rode golf carts. Then we ate a delicious meal! It was a delightful day, despite his exhaustion& my medicine-induced high for shoulder pain ;) Can you guess who has the winning score on our golf card?

Summer Days - My second favorite season. Right behind autumn. I love the heat& sunshine ..not that my little island gets very much of either! I think this year we had about 1 week of beach weather. And no, I'm not exaggerating. It was seriously a really terrible summer in terms of warmth! This photo was prior to my learning how to add a really cool watermark ..I should probably go back& change that on photos I want to use in the future. Oh well!

A Day In My Life - A day in my life varies wildly based on the day! Life guarding, running,hanging with the pup, playing with horses& whatever else manages to come up! Horses are a pretty good main theme though here is myself& my favorite golden Appendix ..Dewey! Miss that pain in the arse!

All Smiles - So many things make me smile. Seriously! I think I am constantly smiling. The photo below is my next door neighbors cat. His name is Duffy& he is gorgeous. I'm using this photo because if you ever met Duffy, you'd know if he was a person he'd be the kind that never smiled. I think you can even see it in his eyes 'Just what do you think you're doing with that camera?' and that thought makes me smile!

Autumn Harvest -This was so easy to pick. I thought about a photo of the autumn colors but nope. Have to go with my gut& post my photo of the orange-o-laterns! I just love them. This was definitely a moment of creativity that came from nowhere! So unusual but so appreciated. Come on, creativity. Strike me again!

Family or Home - Most of the time, it's just Mom& me here. There are two guys who belong to my family as well. A dad& a brother. Lucky us! For Christmas this year, I wanted to update the sibling portrait for my parents. I made my brother& Squirt bundle up on a bitter cold day& come take a photo with me. End result? A new portrait!

Celebrate! - Fireworks are probably one of my most favorite things ever! One evening in the summer, Crystal& I were in town when we saw a bunch of them going off. Sadly, I didn't have my tripod with me but I still managed to capture some pretty decent photos of them. I think this particular evening Crystal& I were celebrating warm weather& ponies! This was my favorite of the bunch.

Let's Do It Again... - Is it too early to want the summer back? Our winter hasn't been particularly painful but that doesn't make me miss summer any less. I want to walk around downtown Sydney without freezing to death. I want to eat tons of candy knowing that I really will just go for a run the next day. Lazy nights eating cups of candy in the Jeep are some of my best summer memories!

I Miss You - Sweet little preggo& all her kittens! I hope they are doing good in their new homes. Preggo left us after all her kittens found new homes. We miss you, pretty little cat. You're another favorite on the short list of cats I've ever liked!

Beautiful - Okay, this was tough. I've managed to take lots of photos of good lookin' people& animals over the year. I decided to go with a photo from a La Quaintrelle shoot in the end because I just adore it. Not to mention, Meghan is one of the most beautiful ladies around! She's fabulous& her shop is also amazing. Check it out sometime! I love shooting my friends that outside the context of photography ;)

Dress Up - A photo of someone dressed up comes directly to you from my Dec. 23rd photo session! We had a great day ..we shoot some photos in the beautiful snow& then had a tea with the pretty lady right above this one. How lucky am I to get to constantly shoot such beautiful people& animals? Very lucky! Kayla blogs too ..check her out :)

Macro - I don't know if this really counts, but I actually love this shot. It's some part of my boyfriend's motorcycle. I don't have a true macro lens (working on it, trust me!) and I know I have ones that are closer up than this but when I thought of this prompt, my mind automatically picked this photo. So I'm sticking with it!

Holidays - My favorite holiday is Easter. Unlimited chocolate. Family time. A good basketball game. Good food. Small gifts. I love it because it's like a mini-Christmas without all the crazy spending& nonsense. I don't get stressed about Easter ..okay, I don't get stressed about Christmas either but Easter is also a gateway into summer! Christmas is the beginning of winter.

My Favorite - Since starting to run with my girlfriends, our dates to meet up& do something active that we all enjoy will always be a favorite memory of mine! I decided to include a photo here that my mom took of myself& my girlfriend, Tiffany, post-10k race! My other running partner in crime, Meg, was in the chute for the half-marathon. GO US! I managed to run my 10k in 57 minutes after not running for about 2 months. I'll take it! I love our dates ..we need to stop being so slack in that department!

Don't Ever Change - Something I love about myself is my love for animals& photography. I really, really hope to be able to make my living photographing people& the animals in their lives. I think it's great to be able to combine two of my loves. People are so easy to photograph when you give them an animal. Here's a great capture of Colleen& her Arabian, Star.

Just Because...So There! - A photo that I truly love& that also taught me some valuable lessons in photography. If you want to see my rant about that, simply click here! This was when I just first learning to use my camera on manual& I didn't really know anything. I also have 0 understanding of editing photos. I have to admit was kind of intimidating& overwhelming. All that considered, I ended up with a pretty fantastic photo if I do say so myself!

Hopes and Dreams - My hopes& dreams ..I have no idea. I always wanted to work for National Geographic as a photojournalist so dream big, eh? I have no idea so I guess I'll say I'm hoping for some great moments to just lay on a white leather couch& sleep Joey is in this photo!

Don't forget to get your photos uploaded& put into the collection over at Ashley Sisk's page! Can't wait to check out all the other entries as well :) Let me know what you think of my 25 photos for 2011!

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