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December 02, 2011


Yup. I'm going to eat some eggs& then attend a Seinfeld show with my dad! I. Am. So. Excited! I don't think there will be any photos based on the fact that I don't have a zoom lens but I will definitely try to get one. Maybe I'll even meet him since I tweeted to him. Dream big, right? Although his lack of response is completely disheartening. I mean, how many people from my little island can be tweeting him?!

I had plans of having a photo of our little lime green for you guys but we ran into a snafu. Only 2/3 of the lights are working. Wah wah wah ..although I did manage to get one really cool bokeh shot of the tree. I am, however, posting this from the family Mac so there's no way for me to upload& edit my photos (well there is but it would be time consuming) so instead you're getting a photo from the other evening! It's a self-portrait of my puppy& myself! I promise my photos will get more creative as the Christmas season goes on ..for example, I'll include other family members& different houses' decorations. Yup, master of creativity here :) I'll also include some from lots of the fun things we do over this season. Namely, decorating gingerbread houses! A personal favorite.

Look at the puppy& I, following the rule of thirds even though I blindly captured this by focusing on his ears while he was on the ground while my camera sat on the chair with the lens balanced on a pair of 3D glasses from the movies. Seriously. It's so professional around here! The pup actually looks like he loves me in this shot though, so I'll take it! Now, my eggs are eaten& all I have left to do is throw some clothes that make it look at least a little bit like I'm trying. Then Seinfeld& a late night date with the boyfriend! Also, a lazy day tomorrow that will involve decorating my basement tree (the boyfriend may or may not be aware of what lays ahead of him)! What do you all have planned for the weekend? Is it as exciting as mine?!

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