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December 04, 2011


Jerry Seinfeld was awesome. If you need further proof, go watch an episode of Seinfeld. Then come back to read& comment on the blog! My father& I laughed until we cried. Then we did at all again!

So, what is the reason for the name of this particular post? I finally managed to get all the items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Go check out all the other entries since some pretty awesome photographers submit photos to this link up! I feel oddly proud of myself for managing to accomplish this. I know, big deal. Five whole photos. Such an accomplishment ..I'm rolling my own eyes at myself! Onward to the photos..

1. Portrait- taken last evening! Garret came over to help me decorate my downstairs tree& also got sucked into moving an incredibly heavy couch from the upstairs to the basement. After all that, I figured we needed a portrait on the newly moved couch. So I scooped up the pup, grabbed my tripod& used a sneaky trick for the built-in flash to bounce. End result?

Linked to Simple Things!

2. Nostalgic- I didn't take this photo within the last week. It's a photo of my favorite gray pony, Shyann! It's an outtake from the sale photos we took of her. It always cracks me up because it captures her personality perfectly! I am missing my girl like crazy lately so I figured I'd use this word to give a shout out to the best pony in the world! Miss you, flea-bitten gray. I even miss those monstrous ears!

Time- I thought this was vague. I think most prompts are vague so no different really! I took a photo of my favorite clock in the house because I decided to take the prompt literally. Time is told on a clock. If I was into sentimental quotes, I'd include one here now. But I'm not so here's the photo!

Full of Light- Normally, this would be really hard for me& probably be the prompt that would be the reason I didn't have a complete scavenger hunt list. Thankfully, last night we set up our Christmas tree! I was unsure whether to include a photo of our lime green tree's lights done as a bokeh shot or to include my tree. I decided to get with a photo of my tree. I'm partial to it& I figured lots of people would be rockin' the bokeh.

Motion- And lastly it's been awhile since I've posted a floating photo, so I figured what kind of photo shows motion better than someone floating away?! I assume absolutely no other kind. Or at the very least, this one is a pretty cool way to show motion! Here is a photo of my momma floating up to the light fixture to change a bulb. Easy as pie when you can fly!

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