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December 05, 2011

Bokeh DIY

So I kept seeing everyone (and by everyone I mean some people) making really cool bokeh. I wanted to try it. I kept looking up ways to do it& immediately becoming too confused by the directions. I am not the queen of DIY. No, seriously. I balked at the part where we need scissors AND tape. What do you think I am, some kind of crafting machine?! Last night, however, I told my dad to get me black construction paper for a photography project. Since he knows me so well he bought me two giant pieces. God bless his soul!

Then I followed this tutorial ..where the blogger made it seem easy. Her bokeh lens hood even looks nice. I guess I should have included a photo of my hilarious attempt. Look at hers, then imagine that something small& monstrous managed to get it& chew& cut it to pieces. Multiply that by ten. Then you'll have my hood attempt. Not very pretty looking but shockingly it got the job done. For a regular person, this may even be an easy craft. For me, it was a monumental feat of godly proportions! I actually feel like I, personally, built the ark& helped save the animals. Yes, me surviving the crafting process& then having something useful in the end is a minor miracle to anyone who knows me! So, these photos are completely uninspiring, unless you like the idea of cool bokeh. Which appeals to me in the moment& I've been pining away after this Photojojo bokeh kit since I first saw it& thought 'Why yes, I can think of the exact moment I'd like to have airplane bokeh'. I recognize there will be limited chances for this. Nonetheless, I am overjoyed at the thought of heart bokeh surrounding me& the boyfriend. So lame but so cool.

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Even then, it's not 100% cool because I suck at DIY projects. Hence my heart bokeh only sort of looks like hearts if you really focus at it. The bottom half looks like fancy pie pieces ..which I guess could be good for a Thanksgiving time bokeh? Hang in there with me. I also took some star bokeh. I guess if you were perceptive, you would've noticed it up near the top. At least those look like stars! I love my star bokeh ..I'll probably redo my heart on to make it look a little more like a heart. So, who's on board now to try some awesome shaped Christmas bokeh?! If I can do it, certainly anyone else in the entire world (including chimps& well-trained service animals) can also manage to complete this project! Let me know if you decide to attempt this& show me your results! Last photo of the day is a classy black& white star shot. Just call me awesome.

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