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December 01, 2011

25 days

That's right, folks! Only a mere 23 sleeps until Santa Clause is sneaking into our houses with goodies for us. I hope everyone was either good or starts being good now! 25 days is only like 3weeks& 4 days. I guess I should start shopping. I am definitely a last minute shopper ..every year I say I'll do better& then fail miserably. How about you? I am always jealous of the people who have their shopping done before the leaves have even fallen off the trees!

Since it's officially time to try to get in the Christmas spirit, I set up my downstairs artificial tree. It didn't make an appearance last year, so I wanted to be sure it managed to get put up this time! It was a lot of work& still needs to be decorated but I am sort of excited to have it at least put up. Tomorrow I'll get the lights& bells for it. I am mostly excited to get some snapshots of it. Kelly Moore is having a photo contest to win one of her bags. You have to take a photo of your Christmas tree ..I have a feeling I won't win but I'm willing to try anyway!

Since I spent the better part of this afternoon asleep (why did I do that to myself?!), I figured I'd get some cute shots in the light box. As per usual, I grabbed my dog& threw him in but I also took some non-Squirt light box shots. I know, I shocked myself as well. My mom bought a giant bell. I have no idea why but it made for a pretty photo (see above, obviously) and then I took two butterscotch candy canes (yum)& turned them into a heart. I know, I'm the most creative person in the entire world ;)  Although I do like the end photo. Even more, maybe, than the giant bell photo!

Linked with Best Shot& {snapped}!

Are you guys fully in the Christmas spirit yet? I have seen so many posts including fully decorated houses& trees ..I think reading blogs is increasing my Christmasy side! Although, I do still hate the overload of Christmas music from every store I go to. I also still really hate shopping for people. I am the worst gift giver of all time. It's almost amazing how bad I am at thinking of any gift. I have 0 chance of giving someone an awesome gift& most days even getting them a mediocre gift seems out of my skill range. Oh well, I still have 25 shopping days now that our malls are open on Sundays. I should probably get started on that task ..

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