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December 08, 2011

Me times 3

Today I worked& found out that my pay is going to be three days late. So that sucks. It's also illegal. Oh, well. Now I'm tired because I also swam 2k in the pool. Not to mention standing on deck watching other people swim laps& do Aqua Fitness classes is exhausting. Aqua Fitness also gives me a headache when I guard it because the music is incredibly loud& the instructor yells above it. Awesome. I love me some noise-induced deafness.

Since I worked, I took absolutely no photos today. So when I got home from the pool, I figured I had to try for something. I know the dog hates me for all the photos so I decided to give him the evening off. My volunteer pool is nonexistent so I did the only thing I could do- photograph myself. Three times! Then I quickly (I mean like in 5 minutes) slapped the photos together in photoshop. The result? Not technically amazing but still makes me laugh!

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It is probably a good thing I'm not vain ..these photos would have required A LOT of touching up if I was actually concerned with how I looked! I just quickly masked out the backgrounds so I have some strange body shapes going on. I couldn't be bothered doing anything with myself before taking the photos. Like I said ..I worked. It was exhausting. Of course now I can't fall asleep so I'm late-night posting instead!

Speaking of late-night posting, I also have a birthday to celebrate on Friday! My boyfriend is turning 28. In honor of that, we're going to go to Boston Pizza to eat wayyy too much food! Afterward, we are probably going to go to the movies where we'll eat popcorn ..possibly my one true love. Okay, all my favorite foods are my true loves. I can't pick a favorite! Birthdays are my favorite when they involve food& cake.

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