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December 09, 2011

Happy birthday

Today (at least in Cape Breton time since it's officially after midnight), my boyfriend turns another year older! Technically, it's just a day older since he's been working on 365 (364? So bad at math) days since his last birthday. He hasn't said it out loud yet but I just know he's super excited at spending yet another birthday with me my his side! This will be his fifth year getting older while I remain younger, wiser& better looking ;D

When you consider that I give him the gift of hanging out with someone as fabulous as me frequently, purchasing a gift for his birthday seems almost silly. What can compare to me?! I am, however, the Best Girlfriend Ever™ so I did pick him up a little something, I'm taking him out for dinner to overindulge on my dime. Feel free to be jealous of the delicious meal we're going to be enjoying in less than 24 hours! So, onto the part where I talk about my relationship. Feel free to skip over this if you aren't Garret (because you ARE reading this, right boyfriend?!) hard feelings, I promise ;) Before you go don't forget to leave some cheerful birthday love in the comments for Garret. He doesn't like his birthday so he could really use some kind words about how 28 isn't the end of the world ahaha

I distinctly remember that time you thought it would be funny to take me to the quarry. You told me not to worry because it was all frozen& we'd be fine. Until it wasn't frozen, we sunk into it& the Jeep slipped backwards down a steep incline. I sat in your Jeep crying while you tried not to laugh out loud too much. That was only last Christmas ..maybe we could avoid making that a Christmas tradition? Thanks in advance for that one!

I also remember the time we set up the Christmas tree ..only to have it come crashing down at 3AM. Or the time in Cuba when I got heat stroke or food sickness or something& locked myself in the bathroom all evening& puked while crying& not letting you in. I bet that was probably the night that cemented your love for me, hey? Or on our first date ..remember how I told you I'd love a mint then spit it out when you weren't looking. Too bad you discovered it on our walk back down the hill. I may never live to hear the end of that. Oh, one last memory for you! "I can move my hands real fast. Moving so fast you can't see 'em, can you?!" Nothing may never again make me laugh like that did.

Also, thanks for tolerating my ridiculous blog posts about you. These are the foundations of a solid relationship, folks! All of the above& some great photos. Because, really, what's the point in having a fabulous relationship if there is no photo proof that it actually ever occurred! Plus, you can always delete/ burn 'em later if your relationship fails miserably! I hear it's cathartic. You just saw this photo for my Scavenger Hunt but it's my blog so I'm posting it again ;) A chilly night curled up on the couch with my pup& boyfriend. Doesn't get much better than that!

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