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December 10, 2011

Second hunt

So ..on the hunt again I went for this weeks prompts. I almost didn't post these because of the 'nativity' prompt. Then I had a brilliant idea that allowed me to participate, for the second time, in Scavenger Hunt :) Don't forget to go check out the other participants ..chances are their photos are more creative& unique than mine! Now just sit back, relax& enjoy 5 photos I took this week! What better way to spend a Sunday?!

1. Less is More- Okay. This one had me stumped. I had a few ideas only none really worked out too well for me. I was losing time here, folks! Then I was looking for something& saw my cookie cutters from a few years ago when I made Garret cookies for Valentine's day. I decided to use the prompt literally& took a very simple photo. My counter is green& the cutter is red so it's even Christmasy :) I actually love this photo.

2. Holiday Lights- for people who read my blog regularly, you've already seen this photo. For that, I apologize but I just love it so much! I wish the dog would have been cooperative for this. Plus, my dog is getting a little break from the light box due to our scuffle over this photo. You can read the link if you want to know why my dog is a diva! Some of my friends think he wants a raise since he thinks he's giving my blog so much character. I think he's a senior citizen& should be paying me to take care of him ;)

3. Ornaments- Okay. I thought this would be easy but it wasn't at all! I really struggled. I tried photos of the tree. I tried ornaments in the light box. I tried everthing I could imagine& then in a fight of frustration I grabbed a ball off the tree& held it in front of the camera with the background being the tree. It was cool. I remembered my fancy bokeh lens hood& retook the photo. It came out alright! It isn't the sharpest or anything but I was so angry that I took it for what it was ..a photo that fit the prompt.

4. Cup of Cheer- so many ideas. So little idea how to turn them into reality. I wanted to one of those cool photos where the top of the drink is a neat design. I attempted& failed miserably. Then I tried a different strategy. I made a new hot chocolate (don't drink coffee ..blech)& added a butterscotch candy cane& some cinnamon sticks. Then I snapped a photo. It's not as cool as I had envisioned but, hey, that seems to be a recurring theme here!

5. Nativity- Okay. I really couldn't think of anything for this one. I don't know anyone who has a nativity scene. My house certainly doesn't. I am sure I could have gotten a photo of one in someone's yard but I just didn't have the energy to go looking. Not to mention I'm sort of shy so the idea of photographing a random persons' yard makes my palms sweat. Instead you're getting the following- I printed& colored a nativity scene I said, stroke of brilliance! Captured on the Mac. Edited in photobucket. Feel free to admit it's the best of the bunch ;)

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