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December 07, 2011


Last night, the dog& I had a major disagreement. I took him downstairs to the light box. I set up a gorgeous set of white lights& started to string him in them. As I was setting up the shot, he was insisting upon leaving. I got very mad& he growled. Then I took one photo& banished him to the upstairs. Sucks to be my dog. I was SO frustrated. He wouldn't even pretend to play along. He is usually at least semi-tolerant but I guess it was just an off evening for both of us. On one hand, the single photo I got turned out okay.

You can pretty much tell he hates me in this photo. Then again, you can pretty much tell that in nearly every photo I've ever posted of him. He gets a break soon though because my mom's friend wants me to take some photos of her cats! She even has santa hats& told me we could drug them with Gravol to make them more cooperative ;) I am super excited for my mini cat session ..I don't even like cats but they make good subjects for Christmas photos! Also, my uncle wants some photos of his little Jack Russell Murphy. So Squirt is going to be getting a little break from his 'torture chamber'. Not that I think his performance with the lights earned any rewards! I am still fuming over it.

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