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November 17, 2011

Well then

Today it is no longer extremely mild out and we're getting snow tomorrow. Hello, winter. Since I didn't take any photos today, I figured I'd show my before shots. Not that that many people were impressed with my floating photo ..I actually lost a follower LOL!

Tada. Easy-peasy. I just opened them in photoshop with the bottom photo as the 'background' layer& the photo with me in it as 'Layer 1'. Then I added a mask layer to Layer 1 and masked out the stool. Then I flattened the image. Since I forgot to stand on my tippy toes (there is a lot to remember here folks!) I had to copy my leg from the knee down, add it as a new layer (which I called 'Leg' creative) and then move it so it looked more like I was floating away rather than standing on thin air. I couldn't get the focus right because I was doing this completely alone with a tripod and, obviously, there was nothing to focus on where my head ended up being. That looks like a lot typed out but it really only took about ten minutes. And it was my first time ever doing it. Here is the same photo, only in black& white. Because I can't decide which version I like better& one end result is in this post, just below the one you're reading now! Which do you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty clever!!!