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November 20, 2011

Hug a runner

It's national Hug A Runner day :) If you know anyone who runs, and you happen to like them, now would be an appropriate time to give them a giant hug. Why? I have no idea but twitter tells me so! I can hardly call myself a runner these days ..but tomorrow I'm getting back into it hardcore because I'm going to run a half marathon in February. Preparation is definitely key. I probably can't wing a half marathon like I did my September 10k.

Moving along ..last night I went to a house concert for a CD release party. The concert was at my boyfriends house. I was supposed to go from there to the swim-a-thon for the pool (did you know I was a lifeguard?) but I ended up being exhausted, sore& miserable. So at 1AM, I was fast asleep in my bed. Clearly, I am a shining example of a party animal. I slept for what felt like forever& then today I headed out to see one of the girls' who used to ride at my barn! We both left that barn, which means we went from seeing each other all the time to almost never. She has a 2 sweet horses. Robin& her baby, Melody. It was a mild day but the wind was insane! I had to leave because I was so cold but I snapped a few photos first. Here is my favorite. This is Melody ..making faces at us :)

Clearly she is cute as a button! She is also fat. She could only barely manage to tear her face away from the giant round bale long enough to come over& say hello to her visitors. Poor thing. Her life is so rough. Don't you just feel awfully for her?

So that is a quick summary of how I spent my weekend! How did you spend yours? Also, I just have to say a giant 'Thank you!' to everyone who left me a comment on my levitating photo. I was overjoyed to see all those nice words. You guys rock!

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