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November 21, 2011

Mr. Winter

I don't like winter. In fact, I prefer to pretend that it just isn't happening. I wear autumn clothes for as long as possible, refuse to put snow tires on my car until the ground is buried in snow and look at places in the world who escape the tragedies of winter. Today it is bitter out! I mean I had plans to take a photo of my dog outside ..until I actually stepped outside. No thanks. I think we'll wait until the spring (or at least a mild winter day) has returned instead! I am looking forward to that.

My photo of the dog was going to be one with him floating away. Now, I have to ask you guys a question. My household is obsessed with 2 things- Bubble Witch Saga& levitation photos. Are you guys okay with being flooded with photos of people/ things floating away? I'm thinking of doing at least one a week as long as people aren't groaning over more of them. I think they are absolutely the coolest things ever but I recognize not everyone shares my awesome tastes ;) I would hate to drive you away from reading because you're bored of watching people in the air. I promise there will be lots of variation on them!

Okay, so now that my question period is out of the way, I guess I should show you guys the photo I opted to post instead of a levitating one (because yes, even though I didn't do one of the dog, I do have others that I haven't posted here for fear of driving you all away)! I took my mom's glass coffee cup& filled it 1/3 of the way with liquor flavored Jelly Bellies because I'm not very creative but also because I really didn't want to go outdoors. I am the queen of lazy!

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I love this cup. It is so much fun ..the next time it is filled with coffee, I'll get a better snapshot of it. Something about the floating effect ;) I hope everyone is having as enjoyable of a Monday as possible! I am curled up on the couch watching Ellen (who still isn't subscribed to my blog ..come on, Ellen. What else can I do)& waiting for Mom to bring home the rice so I can eat. All I've had all day was 3 little pieces of chocolate. I would eat my dog if only I didn't have so many photos planned that require him being in them! How about you?

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