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November 22, 2011

Candy canes

Christmas isn't my favorite holiday (Easter& my birthday are firmly tied for that honor!) but I will admit to loving a few things about it. Mostly, I love Quality Street chocolates& candy canes. Neither of which will make an appearance in my blog today. Wah wah wah. Instead, I have a delightful photo of some raspberries because they were my breakfast. Raspberries in the winter? So special because it makes it feel a little bit more like summer. Considering it is cold& there's snow on my car ..I can honestly say a reminder of summer is nice. And it is only November. So that is fun. So yes, I am definitely grateful for being able to have berries shipped to me from Guatemala or wherever these in particular came from.  Plus, how pretty are red berries in a white dish? Very pretty!

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My big plans for today include eating some of those butterscotch candy canes (best. kind. ever.) while washing all my bedding& wishing my shoulder would stop hurting. Looks like I'll also be spending some of today driving into Sydney to go visit the chiropractor. He always helps but it takes a few visits, acupuncture and electricity along with readjusting of my bones. It feels worse before it feels better which has all kinds of downsides to it. Namely, feeling worse before I feel better. I have to take the pup for a walk as well because he's going to drive me nuts from his whining. If I tucker him out for a good while then that means he'll be sleeping instead of crying. Remember that time I tried to sell him? Yes, well. That offer still stands if anyone wants to take me up on it ;) I do love that photo of him at the end of that post! I think I'll get it printed off, actually. It can be his Christmas present to me! I am such a thinker. Granted, this is my first year ever making my dog get me a present but I almost always get him a little holiday treat. Do most people do this or am I all alone here in my crazy love for including my dog in everything?

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