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November 22, 2011


It's late. I can't sleep or move. I feel like a 90yr old trapped in a 24yr old's body. Seinfeld is a repeat ;) Mostly, I have nothing to do since I can't even really move to get off the couch. I figured I'd write a blog post for tomorrow tonight. It will technically be tomorrow for me in 13 minutes anyway. Then tomorrow I can focus on doing absolutely nothing beside crying about how I can't move and hopefully heading to the chiropractor.

Since it's been awhile since I've posted a photo of my dog, I figured he'd be the perfect subject for the blog today. One problem? I can't really move. So I'm forced to go through my archives& pick a photo I took awhile back. September 22nd, to be specific. It was around the time I made him pose with teddy bears. I took some other photos but I don't think I've ever posted them. Feel free to have a better memory than me& correct me. The photo I'm about to post is old, basically. At the very least, it is a different edit because I just opened it again to play around with it a bit. It wouldn't matter what I did dog is awesome& that makes this photo awesome ;)

So there you have it. A new-old photo of my dog. Isn't he just great? I don't know why he was licking his nose, you'd have to ask him. I do know that is just as sweet as a button when he is behaving himself. Other times, he makes me want to cry right along with him. For now, I'm off to try to get up& make it to my bed ..downstairs. This is going to be hard.

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