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November 24, 2011

In the midst

In the midst of a winter storm that is! We have all kinds of snow down& now it's a snow/ freezing rain mix. Life on the island is lovely ..if you like being snowed/ frozen in! We used to have a man who plowed our driveway for us every storm, but he moved away. Thankfully, the boyfriend has graciously agreed to step in to fill that position. So instead of shoveling tomorrow, I'll watch him do all the work. Sounds like a much better plan to me!

Thanks to the snow, I did manage to get an evening off from the pool because they closed due to the weather. Downer for the missed time but perk for my poor body. Seeing as I'm laying here with a heating pad rotating between my two shoulders& lower back, I think I really need a few R&R days to focus on pain removal. I currently have so much pain medicine flowing through my veins. It isn't helping. Even a little. I can't get comfortable so I can't sleep. Instead, I'm laying here watching American Horror Story for the first time (definitely need to download this) while listening to the wind outside. I hope all you Americans are not stormed stayed for your Thanksgiving weekend!

Seeing as Canada had Thanksgiving weeks ago there really isn't anything special at all happening for us. Aside from the massive storm raging outside my house. My plans are completely boring. I plan on working Friday night, Saturday morning& night (but I have the afternoon off) then working Sunday night. Oh, the joys of standing on a deck for hours on end counting the swimmers. Although I'll thoroughly enjoy my 4hrs of teaching lessons. Is anyone else out there a lifeguard? Someday I should write a post about it ..but not today. Today our focus is on snow! Oh, and I have a photo session tomorrow evening so that's fun. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of a leaf-

So fun. Obviously both photos included in this post are from twenty minutes into the snowfall. We then proceeded to get pummeled. I tried to get some nighttime photos of the whole thing but sadly my dog wouldn't play along. I'm hoping tomorrow (because yes, I'm writing this post late at night ..seems to work for me) there will still be lots of the white stuff so I can try again then. If not, I'll post the photos from the photo session.

*Update now that it is the morning - we ended up with 40cm or 15.7in of snow. So yes, there is lots of snow where I live. The boyfriend is currently plowing my driveway at 7:30AM and I'm sitting here in PJs still warm. All things considered, it is a good start to the day!

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