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November 15, 2011

Still floating..

My love of levitating photos has survived yet another day! I spent yesterday afternoon with a tripod, an umbrella and a stool. Yeah, I'm that cool. One of my neighbors stopped chopping wood to watch me and then mentioned until he realized who I was he thought I was stealing stuff. Secretly I think he wanted to say something about questioning my very bizarre behavior. Here's a snapshot of the scene he was seeing-
Girl sets up tripod. Snaps a photo of the empty space. Runs out& puts down a stool. Runs back to camera to see where the stool is placed. Sets timer. Runs back to the stool while unhooking the umbrella. Climbs on stool and poses. Then hops off the stool once the camera clicks& runs back to check. Repeat multiple times.
I'll be honest ..I can see why he was intrigued/ concerned! In the end, I sort of got the shot. It started to rain (thanks, umbrella) so I had to end it with a semi-decent photo. I just wish the focus was on my face instead of my Uggs.. but regardless, I love it! I am officially in love with levitating portraits. It was good to get some practice to make sure I could even do the whole Photoshop steps needed to make a really cool floating photo. It is also super easy to do ..I have the before photos& can pretty easily explain it if anyone is interested! I have decided Photoshop magic is the best kind of magic ;)

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 Next up? My dog. He's so excited already ..I can tell from the look on his face when I mentioned it to him! You'll notice there is absolutely a 100% lack of Squirt in the above photo. I tried to get him to come out with me but he was enjoying a mid-afternoon nap& wouldn't hear tell of my shenanigans. What a jerk.

So what do you think? Am I inspiring anyone out there to try to get a cool levitating photo of their own?! Have you already taken photos like these? If the answer to that is yes ..please leave me a link so I can see them! I am promising to probably flood you guys with these photos for the next, oh .. forever. When I'm not doing self-portraits, it will probably work out a little better in terms of where the focus is!

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