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November 15, 2011


I'm not really into magic or anything. I used to want to be Harry Potter but that phase is definitely over now. I'm content to be completely human (or muggle, if you must). I have no magical powers at all, especially not levitation. I did, however, watch a video today on youtube about how appear to be levitating in photos. It seemed like a really fun idea. So I started to set up my tripod, only to realize I was missing the connector piece to it. Darn it. It took an hour& my mother but in the end, I managed to find it! By then all motivation to actually set up a shot& make myself appear to be levitating had vanished. Just call me only sort-of motivated. Instead, I made my mom attempt it. Thanks to sucky kitchen light, I got some leg blur (The ss was at 1/80 ..her legs must really move with some speed!) but otherwise we laughed a lot while taking this photo. It was mostly just an attempt to see what the finished product would look like.

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It makes me laugh. Looks like she'll have to get a new blog name as she's traded in her Mini for a more fuel efficient travel method! I think this house needs to stop playing Bubble Witch Saga- it appears to be taking over our thought processes and decision making skills! Oh, and maybe stop buying shoes too ..since those are the shoes that don't fit in our corridor of shoes/ on our shoe rack. This house has many problems ;)

I can't wait until Sunday when I have another chance to try to perfect this method a little more should be exciting! Especially since I have a functioning tripod again. It is definitely a fun project ..has anyone else ever tried this before?! Any tips or suggestions before I head out to expand on this project Sunday? So far the only advice I have is to get a willing subject who will have a good time laughing and isn't embarrassed to make themselves look silly for the perfect photo! I have so many fun ideas swirling around in my head for Sunday ..let me know if you have any you want to see!

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