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November 14, 2011


I am not a fan of beer, really. I mostly only like vodka& insanely fancy liqueurs; just call me classy! Today, however, I was thinking I really needed to pick up my camera& shoot something. I think I forgot I took photos of the buggy yesterday ..oh well. I got super excited to follow the same recipe for success I always use- 1 insanely cute dog, props, light box& my mediocre skill set! My props for today included an empty ale bottle (Picaroons ..a micro brewery in New Brunswick), one of the Picaroons glasses, water, food coloring& soap. Yes, I know what you're thinking -I have way too much time on my hands. You're probably right but look how cool the photo came out!

You'd never guess that all my playing around with food coloring would actually be useful at some point in my life, eh? Turns out it helped me know exactly how to make a 'beer' color! I thought I was brilliant until I realized that water didn't foam ..but beer did. DILEMMA. Thankfully, I am a genius& realized that we had foaming hand soap right within arm's reach (thanks, mom) so I got to work making it look like beer. Did I fool you?! I didn't fool the dog because he refused to lap it up like he would have done if there was real alcohol in there. I can't say I blame him ..I'm not sure I'd want soap, food colored water to drink either.

See? This is definitely his 'I hate you& I'm so over photos in this stupid box. Please, never make me do this again' face. He wouldn't even play along. I got so mad at him ..don't you understand how important you are to my photograph, little dog?! I yelled at him& everything. Before you get alarmed, I immediately felt guilty& gave him some lovin' to make up for it. I mean -how can you be mad for long at that face? Then I pleaded with him because I swear sometimes he understands me. I said 'Dog, behave yoself& give me one more chance to get a good shot of you with the fake beer?'. His response was to run& hide under my bed. I guess even the most seasoned models have off days. Unfortunately for him, I am bigger than my dog so I simply scooped him out from under my bed with promises of dog treats& walks to get one last shot. It isn't great ..this didn't work out at all as I had planned in my head. Squirt was determined to really make me want to sell him today. You can see the extreme shame on his face. Suck it up, pup! You're free for at least 24 hours.

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