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November 13, 2011

Buggy rides

Yup. Today I went for a ride in a Buggy. Not the kind that a horse pulls though but rather the kind the boyfriend builds :D Remember it? He finished it just in time to put it away for the winter but first we decided we needed to take some photos& go for a ride since I haven't been in it yet! I didn't even have the proper clothes on to bundle up in so I was rather cold by the end but it was sooo worth it! I absolutely love this vehicle. Probably the best thing he's ever built!

Doesn't that just look so cool& bad ass? When we cruise around in this next summer, everyone is going to be jealous! I was sort of jealous of myself when I was sitting in it. It is a blast. I am now even less patiently waiting for winter& spring to end ..bring on the summer! I want to be able to ride in the buggy without having to wear mittens, boots, earmuffs& a winter coat. I'm thinking cut off shorts& tank tops. Ahh, summer. I miss you already. Especially now that I just spent about 5 minutes dreaming of sunshine on my face& leaves on trees. For good measure, here is what I looked like while cruising around in the vehicle this morning-

Obviously, cold& ill prepared for a mid-November ride in a car with no heater or roof!! I clearly need to remember to bring some more winter attire the next time I am going with the boyfriend. Bring it on, winter. I'm ready for you (to be over..)! Also, notice how well the Polysporin patches worked?! I have one on in this photo& you'd never even know I had a cold sore whereas normally it would be the very first thing you would have seen. Thanks, Polysporin!

I hope everyone is having a delightful Sunday afternoon. I know mine started out pretty good& soon I'm heading off to ride some ponies so I'm pretty sure it's only looking up from here on out! The sun is out& it is semi-mild so I am trying my best not to complain :)

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