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November 10, 2011

Long weekend

Happy long weekend everyone who benefits from it :) I am spending my weekend doing lots of things photographing, riding, hanging with the boyfriend and swimming. I have officially finished 100% my most recent photo session& am just waiting to hear from them for when they want to get their photos. What a fun feeling ..I am now thinking though I need a better delivery system for my photos. Currently, they go on a memory stick. I want to keep them on memory sticks, but I'd also like to include something else. Little business cards or something attached to them. Anyone out there crafty& wanna help me out with some ideas? I'm not sure but something to make them more fun& personalized! I think I might make little business cards with the doll from my header;

Remember her from my failed 365?
She makes a sweet little photo for HPW, agreed?

The weather here today& yesterday has been crazy mild. It is the calm before the storm because tomorrow we're getting a storm with tons of wind& rain ..I'm just glad it's not snow. I know it's coming though because I got a cold sore today. Which is awesome. So I went out& bought those new Polysporin cold sore patches ..they literally go on over your cold sore& have medicine in them. I don't know how well they work but it's stopping me from having to touch it to keep applying the medicine plus it hides the cold sore. I promise to provide an update on how well they worked once it's gone. So far though it is definitely taking the sting out of it so I'd recommend it for any particularly sore cold sore!

So the other day I read something on FTLoB about how to write a 'good' post. Basically, the only thing I do right is that I have an easy to read font! I think my posts are still good even though they don't really follow their guidelines! Check it out& let me know how you stack up against their criteria for a good post.

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