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November 09, 2011

Not wordless

...but almost! I don't really have much worth saying today other than I woke up early in order to drive my dad to the airport. It was cold& there was frost on my car. Hello, winter. Nice to have you visiting my fine little island again. I hope this visit is short& mild.

Since winter is here, most of my photos from here on out will be of indoor activities. I hate the cold weather& prefer to avoid it all costs! You'll be getting lots of light box photos& whatever else I fill my wintery days with. For now, I'll show you a photo I took the night the boyfriend& I went to play some pool. We played 5 games& he won 3-2. I am slowly getting better& I loveee it! Plus, pool is an indoor sport which is always a plus when the temperature drops!

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I totally improvised with this shot. The pool hall has typical, sketchy pool hall lighting. That means that I either had to jack up the ISO or pray my hands were steady for 1/13 of a  second. "IMPOSSIBLE!" I shouted and proceeded to use the pool table as my makeshift tripod. It appears to have worked pretty decently! No camera shake there baby :)

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