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November 08, 2011

Results are in..

My very first Fossil watch came in the following box- meaning none of you were right! Since there was no real prize, I guess it's not toooo much of a let down ;) 

I know it doesn't seem to match the watch that came in it all fact, Jess had the best guess when she said paint glob box because that seems to match the pastel feel of my old watch. Fossil doesn't play by the rules though. Frig matching the packaging with the prize inside! They are artistes -said with a French accent!

Okay so now that I've revealed the Fossil box my very first watch came in, what else could possibly be more exciting than that?! A lot but today it's that yesterday I took some photos of Mona (fabulous rider& lady in general)& her little painted reiner! Her horses' name is Izzy& she's super sweet. She is a gem to ride ..I know because she let me ride her after I was done taking photos of them! It was so nice to ride a horse who listens& responds instantly again after working with green horses. I promise this isn't turning into a horse blog again- I just have had a few days worth of horse photo shoots so basically that's all I've been taking photos of! I promise you'll love Izzy though ..allow me to show you with a photo :) I absolutely love this shot! Of course I do. It's black& white ..who would've guessed that I would love the black& white shots the best?! Perhaps everyone who reads this blog even semi-regularly!

My photo tip for photographing horses? It's probably incredibly hard if you don't already understand some stuff about horses. In general though, you want the horse to be in the most stretched out part of their stride& a good headset. You need a fast shutter speed (SS) to avoid blurring their feet, meaning shoot in sunshine or with a higher ISO. I feel ridiculous giving tips about photography since I'm just learning myself but I do think I have an advantage when photographing horses since I've ridden them for years& years. I know what the rider wants when they look at their photos. I edited this by changing it from color to black& white and then just simply added a slightly pink overlay (possibly color.. can't remember) layer to it. Simple but I think it works :)
My settings for this photo were-
f/stop -5.6
SS- 1/800
ISO- 200

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