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November 07, 2011

I got the bluesss

Okay, I don't really have the blues. But I do have the song from the Kraft Dinner commercial stuck in my head ..which will make me sad if it stays in there much longer! Oh, and I have to break it to you guys which Fossil case was my first. I didn't forget, I just want to get to these photos from yesterday :)

The weather is officially turning to winter on my little island ..our days have been cold& there's been snow. We also had a little bit of an ice storm one evening so that was awesome. I woke up to about 1.5 inches of ice on my car with no ice scraper& needing to leave the boyfriend's ASAP to get to work. I had to dig through his garage but I found one& made it! I am so good at life survival skills!

Then yesterday was a little more pleasant, we had some sunshine& in the photos I'm about to show you, you might believe it was even a little warm. Well- it wasn't& my nearly hypothermic fingers can attest to that! The kids were troopers ..I never would have survived this photo shoot without complaints! They deserve gold stars of recognition. So now onto some of the photos :)

A boy& his horse! His mom wanted photos of the siblings with their horse since they are selling him this winter. It is sad when people outgrow their mounts but it happens& this horse is so sweet& well-behaved that he is definitely going to be perfect for a little child to learn the ropes on! This horse has personality plus .. he is such a character. I love him. Both kids absolutely adore him- you can tell from the looks on their faces! And the horse is just so quiet! They could do anything with him. As someone who spends my days riding not-so-quiet horses, I can attest to what a major plus that is!

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So they each had a photo shoot with the pony separately& then together! They hoped up bareback on him, walk/trot& the horse never batted an eye. Which was great because it worked out perfect for the photos! I don't think they would have been nearly as cute if the horse was running around madly& the kiddies were falling off in a heap on the dirt ;)

I threw up a preview of a few photos on my facebook& they seemed more than pleased with them so that is a huge relief! People leave out one of the negatives to being a new photographer (or maybe it never leaves) - the stress of wondering if the people you're shooting will like the results!! The kids mom told me she loved them all so far& had no idea which ones she was going to print& frame so I'm taking that as a positive sign!

You know I couldn't leave you without a black& white photo! Love this one. The horse looks so happy ..can I just say it was sooo easy to get him to perk his ears that I think every horse needs to take some modeling lessons from him! They were great to work with& my fingers recovered from the crazy cold so I'd call it a successful venture overall :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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