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November 04, 2011

Fossil Watches

Seriously. I wrote once about my love for Fossil (upon finding that post, I laughed out loud at the conversation with the boyfriend ..check it out!) by photographing my purse in my light box. Yeah, I'm that awesome. I also have another awesome Fossil purse ..and a wallet. And, combined, my family has quite a few Fossil watches. I loveee them.

One time my mom went to New York& bought me a watch face. You then just buy straps to go with it. Best idea ever? I think yes! The sad part to this is that I cannot buy straps around here (Cape Breton needs some serious shopping improvement).. so now it seems whenever Mom goes away she brings me home a strap. It's a good deal! Today, in honor of the fact that it seems to be rainy outside& I didn't manage to get any horse photos yesterday, I took photos of the awesome boxes from our watches! So I quickly gathered the 7 of them, turned on the light box& got to work.

Think Fossil will hire me to be their new product photographer?! I bet that comes with all kinds of perks like free things .. a paycheck .. meeting cool people (I imagine everyone who works there is really awesome) .. and other things I'm sure. Like a dental plan or something. I actually had a lot of fun photographing these bad boys except that now I want to go on their website& start looking for things to buy. Danger city as they aren't exactly cheap free! Maybe my boyfriend will read this& realize that he could purchase something from Fossil (<-- that link will take you there, Garret. Right to the women's case you're reading this ;D)

So much fun. Can you guess which was the very first watch box I ever owned? The watch in it was gorgeous. It was a thick ivory band, painted with pastel designs. The face was a pink color. It was so beautiful that I left it in my car one day at the beach& someone must have really wanted it. They stole it! Yeah, it really sucked. I loved that watch. Okay, so does my story help you figure out which box it is?! Leave your best guesses in the comment section& I'll post a photo of it tomorrow. Winner will recieveeeeeee .. absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of being right ;)

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