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November 03, 2011

Bath time

When I woke up today, my dog was laying on my stomach with his stinky dog breath breathing straight into my nose. Love the dog, hate the breath. It reminded me that, in fact, the dog in general stinks. I had been avoiding it& just hoping the smell would go away.

It didn't. Thanks, Squirt. I needed that reminder at 8AM. It definitely helped my motivation to get you cleaned up. My dog hates baths. With a burning passion. It's hilarious how hateful he is when he thinks you're trying to get him in the tub. Since I haven't bathed him in months years.. he didn't see it coming! I filled up the tub. I threw him in. I knew it would make for some funny captures with the camera.

Obviously, you aren't disappointed. The only thing cuter than a child with soap suds on its head? My dog replacing the child ;) I know, I've been overloading you all with photos of him& for that I sort of apologize. At least I'm not horrifying your senses with something ugly! He's sweet as a cupcake. After the bath, he ran around& around& around the house. He rubbed his face on everything he could. He completely exhausted himself so now all he can do is lay uselessly on his pillow. Actually, that is how he spends the majority of his life. He has it some rough, let me tell you!

I think if you believe the look on his face in most of these photos might actually believe he has a difficult life! Trust me, he doesn't, he just really hates the camera ..especially if I'm holding it. I don't know how come he refuses to just accept his fate as a model. His life would be sooo much easier if he would!

Okay, now I think I can make a promise that my pup will remain firmly off my blog for the next few days. I may have a few photos of horses to replace him with ..we'll see how that goes when I get up to the barn today. Their paddock is currently completely mud from all the rain we're getting lately! So sucky.

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