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November 02, 2011

Middle of the week

Today I swam some laps. Then I came home& still didn't have a photo for my bloggy readers today ..I'm trying really hard to break out my camera at least daily for a new photo or two. Sometimes it is easier than others.. today was hard. I was going to take a creepy photo of one of my coworkers swimming laps, but I didn't want to touch my camera when I was drenched. So I passed. Then I got home& asked Momma for ideas. She told me to take one of her.

I tried to convince her to squeeze herself into my light box, but she said that that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. So I settled for letting her sit in a chair ;) I really like this photo& I'm pretty certain you guys must be getting at least a little sick of photos of my dog?! I have some funny ideas for him in the next post -if anyone wants to guess. Or, if anyone has any ideas for funny photos to take of the pup, drop a line to let me know! My parents& boyfriend aren't nearly as funny to dress up& take lots of photos of. Plus, they don't listen to my commands as well as the little monster! So, here is the best I could do with a human subject ;)

Since she was refusing to get in the light box, I had to make do with using the natural light from the window. It turned out pretty good ..if I do say so myself ;) Also, don't forget that my momma has a blog just like me! She loves visitors& comments.. hope on over& give her some bloggin' love.

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