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November 01, 2011


I don't have the post-Halloween blues ..but I do wish I had of carved a pumpkin& gotten more into the spirit. Now it's November& guys are growing mustaches left& right.

In order to avoid the winter months looming over us, I decided to dress the dog up, toss him in the light box& take some photos. I don't actually love these shots ..but they are cute nonetheless so I figured I'd share them with the people who seem to at least tolerate my doggy! This was such a bad photo shoot ..he wouldn't stand still, the candies wouldn't go right& overall, he's very lucky he's cute!

Just admit it ..he is obviously one of the cutest puppies in the world. Look at that crooked smile! He always makes me laugh& he puts up with a lot of photographing. I think old age is doing him well one point he would have bit me& walked away! Much more cooperation now that he's ancient ;)  I think his good looks landed him quite a bit of treats from last night! Thankfully, puppies can't eat treats so I guess I'll be a kind momma& help him out with his dilemma. Wouldn't want all those treats going to waste, would we?!

For this photo, I did what I usually do with my dog. Threw him in the light box! My settings were 1/50 second, custom white balance,  and f/5. I opened it in photoshop to clean up some of the dirt on his face (gross, I know) and ran an action ..but I forget which one. Sorry! Now, all you need is for someone in your life to build you a light box (best investment ever) and find a dog at least half as cute as mine ;)

Does anyone have any hilarious photos of their animals dressed up? Leave a comment to your photo ..I'd love to see them! Nothing brings me smiles like funny photos of animals. Hope your post-Halloween sugar high is still going strong!

PS linking up with Communal Global, Ordinary Inspirations, Weekly Kodachrome, 52 Weeks, Sweet Shot, Photo Tip, Creative Exchange& Simplicity! Check out some of the photos posted at those links! There are some pretty fabulous photography bloggers floating around :)

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