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November 29, 2011

Mild days

Yesterday was completely gorgeous outside. I mean was still pretty cold but compared to what we're usually experiencing this time of year? It was practically tropical for us! I took advantage of the warmer weather, bundled up (warmer ..not warm)& headed out to shoot some photos of one of the sweetest little girls ever! Jaslyn is just as cute as button& loves the camera! You cannot take bad photos when the subject is this pleasant :)

How cute is she? The answer, of course, is incredibly so! She had a blast climbing over the rocks& telling me all about her adventures. She even already had a full repertoire of poses& couldn't wait to tell me where to stand to get the best pictures. Nothing like a very helpful model. She was super excited when I told her she was the best model ever& she didn't want the session to end! I guess that means I'm good with kids ;) Also, her mom was super happy with the photos so I am thinking I can chalk this photo session day up as a good day. I hope everyone else had an equally awesome start to their week! I am off to enjoy yet another sunny& warm day on this island. Our autumn has been awesome to us so far. Maybe I'll set up my Christmas tree this afternoon for some photo ops. Do you have yours set up yet or is Cape Breton just insane? I know a few people who have had their tree up since November 1st& it seems like most everyone who has an artificial tree has theirs up already. We have a real& artificial tree, one may as well go up now! Before, I leave though .. I'll give you one more photo of sweet Jaslyn! If you want to see the rest of them, they are up on my Facebook page. Feel free to check them out& let me know what you think!

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