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November 28, 2011


Everyone keeps talking about Christmas. I guess once the American Thanksgiving is over, that means it is officially time to go Christmas wild! In honor of that, the dog got his photo taken today. Nope, he's not levitating. He's in the light box since that's his favorite place to be. So much his favorite place that today I had to bribe him with treats. And then yell at him to listen to me instead of trying to run away from me. What a little monster. His attention span for photos last about ten seconds. I think this is good practice for photographing kids. I need to have everything set up& ready to go or else there is zero chance of me getting a photo. Making this as painless as possible for the dog give me a 0.01% chance of getting something worthwhile. So I grabbed some things that were easy to find (Mom, where do we keep our Christmas decorations) along with the dog& the result?

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Tada! The dog looking for his escape route, which resulted in him knocking over the bells& getting caught up in his bow. Thankfully, I now know the trick is to set everything up then just click like crazy& hope I get it. While I would prefer if he was looking at me, I understand that he hates my soul& therefore I need to accept less than perfect from him. Poor little monster, your life is so rough! Does anyone else plan on taking cute Christmas photos of their pets? This is just the start of his life for the next few weeks. He needs one wrapped in Christmas lights as well. And with a Santa hat. And with a scarf! Okay, okay. I'll stop but if anyone has any funny ideas for my dog's next photo shoot, please let me know in the comments!

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