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October 19, 2011


Uhh ..sure. I'll get right on that photo prompt. Just not yet because I'm going to take it in the sunset. Which isn't for a few more hours. It'll probably be of my dog on the beach. Just so you all are prepared for the awesomeness. I figure I owe you at least something a little decent after my attempts failed miserably for the last 2 prompts!

At some point during the next few days, my boyfriend& I will celebrate surviving four entire years together and starting year five. Which is crazy. And will probably involve a good meal (Boston Pizza penne pasta with alfredo baked in cheese ...not that I already know what I'm getting or anything) and perhaps I can guilt him into watching a horror movie with me! Actually, Dream House has an amazing rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 7% from critics. Wow. So unless a new horror movie is set to come out this weekend, he's off the hook. So disappointed.
Oh ..RIGHT. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 IS OUT FRIDAY. He's so excited .. he almost cried in the first one, refused to come to the second one so I went with a friend but ..seriously? I need to see the third. Plus it has a rating of 87%. Much better than Dream House. Does anyone else have a boyfriend who hates scary movies?!

Bubble Witch Saga. It was briefly mentioned in that post. My addiction has grown and I recently advanced SO far I needed friends to help me break a spell that was cast on me (PS Meghan do you remember that time in math class those goths really tried to put a spell on us). I know ..the more you read this blog, the cooler I get, right? Well, anyways, the moral of the story is that I needed three friends who played the game to break the spell. Until ten minutes ago, I only had 2 friends on my list who played. My mom& her friend.

Well I can't very well be stuck in some dumb level because I don't have enough friends to break a stupid spell, right?! I need to continue feeding this addiction. So fast forward to ten minutes ago.. I did the following;

Yup ..this happened. Don't hate. Plus the spell was just broken& now I can move forward in my quest to play this game until my eyes bleed :) Or I run out of lives and have to stop for 30 minutes until a new one regenerates. Whatever comes first. Bring it on, Bubble Witch Saga. I can take it.

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