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October 18, 2011

Hilarity ensues..

My dog either hates me or feels bad for me because he thinks I'm certifiably insane. No, seriously. The photo challenge for yesterday was You with 13 Things. Uhh ..yeah, okay. 13 is a big number. So I'll give you guys the whole layout. I took my tripod, camera& dog downstairs to my room, where all my self portraits happen. I had no idea what to use. So I started gathering things haphazardly. I have labeled the following photo. Read on to see what each item is!

  1. Dog I painted in grade 8. Yes, I framed it.
  2. Giant giraffe my mom got me for Easter years ago ..she knows me well!
  3. My Rumple bear!
  4. Mirrors in the shapes of circles.
  5. Yup. That's a nutcracker.
  6. It's a diffuser for my curls.
  7. Baby Converse shoes I used to wear when I had tiny feet!
  8. A yoga mat.
So where are 9, 10, 11, 12& 13? Oh. They arrive in my following photo. This photo, I think, accurately represents how most of my self-portrait photos go.  Please tell me other people have the same problems? It also explains why perhaps my dog thinks I should be committed and never, ever released to torture him again!

I added my dog (yes, I made him wear the shoes. I am a cruel, heartless momma), a guitar (I look awkward even holding it), a photo album, my eReader& some flowers. You can see me sitting on the bed caused everything to tumble. The giraffe was caught mid-fall in this photo. The nutcracker, yoga mat& diffuser have disappeared and the dog looks seriously concerned about the whole thing! Good dog for staying inside the shoes though. I still can't believe sometimes the things I attempt. I'm counting this as my actual photo because, let's be honest, there ARE 13 things in there. You just can't see them all!

So my next photo prompt was Eyes. If you know me, you know eyes make me want to vomit. So, uh, what is a girl to do?! Abstract time. I was bored with trying to get a good photo after my failed attempts at 13 Things so, of course, I got mad and took a crappy photo for eyes. I readily admit that at this point just completing these themes on time& getting them to the blog is such an accomplishment that the quality of them isn't concerning me so much ;) Mostly I'm kidding but I'm still feeling sick& sluggish so for today it was a true thought. Moral of the story? I got it done. I am a machine. What day am I on again?! I just keep looking up the theme& forget to look at the day. It might be 14 maybe that why yesterday I had to include 13 things in my photo? That would make sense, right?

Obviously I am a goddess with the camera. If you ever questioned it before, I am certain today's post has solidified it in everyone's minds. Don't kid wish you had my skill! Abstract is my friend. Mostly because I don't really know what an abstract photo is so I take shitty photos& label them 'abstract' which instantly means that I can have my very own art show.

The photo coming up really doesn't have much to do with anything other than it seriously cracks me up. Especially when you consider that the dog was still putting up with me by this point. Everything about it makes me laugh out loud. I think it clearly shows that I am well on my way to becoming a superstar in the world of photography. I mean ..who doesn't want a shot like this of themselves& their pet hanging on their wall?!


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