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October 19, 2011

Shot my dog

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Not literally .. with my camera, silly folks!
The blog world hasn't seen this photo yet. Shockingly, it's of my dog. I know. You're all falling off your seats not believing that me, this blogger right here, took a photo of her dog. This is supposed to be my favorite photo of the week. Oddly, this week, I didn't take too many photos at all of anything.

I shot this in my light box in about 2 seconds. Thanks, boyfriend for building me that (you are amazing:)! If you're wondering why his face is dark? He HATES being photographed. I was snapping like crazy& he was trying to walk out of the light the entire time. Jerk. My camera settings were ..I have no idea. f4.6 .. 1/60 andd ISO 100. I think that's right. I edited it supremely quickly in Photoshop while saying 'This is cute but it's not like it'll ever make it to the blog.' Looks like I was lying to myself.
He is still wonderful and probably the most awesome thing in my bedroom right now. Especially since I'm not down there so he's really only competing with stuffed animals. Not hard to be a winner there, Squirty. Without further ado, I present to you, my dog.

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