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October 21, 2011


Yup. Another photo challenge down the tubes.. I was doing so well with this one! It turns out I really have to work on taking silhouette& long exposure shots. It has been pouring rain allll day and I didn't manage to get anything even remotely worthwhile posting. I apologize. I am disappointed too. I may attempt tomorrow to try both of these .. it is supposed to be nicer out. The sad part is that I actually tried really hard but I couldn't figure out how to expose a silhouette photo? I just kept doing it wrong ..which lead to frustration which lead to my second prompt of long exposure. When I couldn't figure out anything decent for that one either, I just gave up. Ugh. I can paint with light or something but I didn't have a light sooo ..yeah. Tomorrow I'll do it with candles or something! I may hop back on the train& you can decide if being a few days late results in a failure or a slightly-tainted success!

Since I have no photo challenge photos for you, instead enjoy this old photo of Meg, Britt& myself. This is from ages ago. I like my jawline& I really loved these years of our lives was so much fun! So instead of a new prompted photo, you're all getting a walk down memory lane from me. At least it's not a photo of my dog, right?

Something exciting is happening behind the scenes on the blog, though. You'll find out soon enough but for now I'll let the suspense kill you ;D It is going to be cool and hopefully you will love it as much as the lucky few who are getting a sample tasting of it. So far I've gotten 2 pieces of positive feedback and 0 negative. So, that's a good start! I can't wait for the final result to be here& be ready to be talked about! Any guesses?

Also, tomorrow I'm going to do an anniversary date with the boyfriend. Best part?! We're going to see Paranormal Activity 3 .. oh, wait. I mean the best part is being with him for four years. The horror movie& supper is just an extra perk ;) It is even supposed to be nice out tomorrow ..this is one of those few times that I wish we had a beautiful restaurant to dress fancy for& pretend we lived in New York or something. As I age, I find myself actually wanting to dress up from time to time (3 times a year, max). C'est tragique, non? Another tragic thing in my world? An incredibly sore shoulder. I have been not taking any painkillers at all& just being a trooper. Go me! That streak is clearly ending tonight because I'm currently curled up with a heating pad& my neck held awkwardly to alleviate most of the pain. Bring on the pain relief, sugar! I am also obviously overtired because I am doing something I really try to stay away from on the blog- rambling. Sorry. I'm sure this was painful to read. On the bright side, I'm going to eat some Frosted Flakes& painkillers :) I hope that you have a fabulous Thursday evening! I'll try to post at some point tomorrow but you may not hear from me until after Saturday. Unless my secret is ready before then ..

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