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August 14, 2011



It was sunny& hot all day. It was completely delightful. The boyfriend& I woke up, got Tim Hortons and enjoyed a drive in the sunshine. After that, I headed home where I started reading a really good book called Belong to Me. I think great book covers almost always mean a great book. This cover is gorgeous.

Isn't that great?!
Sort of wish I took it ;D

I only made it to about page 75 before I promptly fell asleep outside on the little swing in the back of the garage. I could hear people enjoying the beach& the kiddies next door in the pool. Garret came over for supper and because he's a sweetheart, he let me sleep until the food was basically ready. He is so good to me! When I woke up, I snapped this shot of him& I completely LOVE it!

Taken with the fish eye.
Works really well with the face he's making!

So then we enjoyed some delicious lasagna compliments of momma. It was super delicious and we stuffed ourselves completely full! I think my mom's lasagna is a main reason for my boyfriend sticking around with me so long ;) Afterward, Garret held true to coming to the barns to get some photos of Reena& myself. It was a GLORIOUS evening for riding! Breezy so no flies with enough heat still in the air to not be chilly but not too hot either. So now I will provide you with some photos from that, starting with his Jeep. Because he loves it. A lot.
Just hanging out.
I love the Jeep& boyfriend at the barns :)

Then he moved on to the most important subject; ME! This is my blog, after all! Reena was a doll, like always. I have corrected my position pretty well compared to just a few months ago!

I can sit straight :D

So that is kind of exciting. It is also super exciting that Valerie is kind enough to let me ride Reena. I can't really ask for more than that seeing as she is seriously one of the nicest horses I've ever ridden! Something about her is just lovely.

Plus, this stride?
To die for.

Aside from the fact that I have to work really, really hard to get her to move because I don't ride with spurs and Valerie always rides with spurs. I can get some speed out of her although I think our rides are more of a workout for me than her. She barely broke a sweat by the end of the ride tonight& I was practically ready to pass out from heat!

This is pretty of her.. all framed up!
The trees in the background make my face look weird..

So we had a lovely ride despite how hard I worked the whole time. I think it's really working in my favor to be able to ride such a nice mare.. I'm so used to horses that aren't finished or are slightly crazy. I love getting on a solid horse and not worrying about anything except framing her up& making my position look good!

I love this photo!
Just me, smiling like a manic :D

So that is my update for today! Starting tomorrow, the exhibition is in town until Saturday& Crystal is on vacation+ her birthday is this Wednesday! I can't wait. Hoping to have some fun shots& stories to tell my blogging friends about :) For now, I'll leave you with one last shot of Reena& I and a great big thank you to Garret for taking the photos and you guys for making it through them!

Love this.
The sky was great!


Sarah Y. said...

Beautiful photos! I love that you can see the ocean in the background of the arena.

Lovely posture in the saddle! Here's a new thing to work on: bending your elbows a bit. That's really the only thing I'd pick out. A flexed elbow gives you a softer connection, which I find that horses really appreciate. I try to pretend that I'd carrying a tray of wine glasses. That really keeps me from letting my arms get straight!

J Hodd said...

I LOVE Garrets jeep. Jeeps are my favorite... so much fun!!

Yvonne said...

Sarah- YAY! Thanks so much girly. I'll keep that in mind today :)

Jess- wanna buy it?! LOL! I'm kidding's slowly starting to grow on me, actually.