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July 12, 2011!

It's up and running folks. My blog has it's very own domain. No more of the .blogspot nonsense ;D I am so incredibly excited.

For a little bit there I didn't think it would work. I couldn't figure out why the only custom domain I was allowed to have was the one that blogger wanted me to buy from them. Well, blogger to be you. I bought mine from Godaddy.

Thank goodness for friends who teach you how to fix all your problems. It took a lot of effort on her part, but she helped me figure out how to make blogger work on my new domain. Thanks, Jaimie :D Without you I would be laying on my bed with a broken computer and a domain name I couldn't use. I was so frustrated and now I am excited. So .. here's my first post since getting that domain up& running. How is this going to change anything about my blogging?

I have no idea. Honestly. I just really wanted my own domain. I also really want a new comments section .. new layout .. and a book deal. But I always want a book deal. I'll settle for none of the above as long as at least a few people are enjoying my posts.

Afterall, I do have a domain name for the next 2yrs that I have to use!

Here is a little flower love!
In honor of my new domain name .. promises of more photos to come :)


Allison said...

happy for you!!! xo

Yvonne said...

Thanks Momma :D

Jaimie said...


pickyourfuture said...

Congrats on your own domain! I want to get my own soon also. You're blog is so cute though you really don't need a new layout :).

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Yay. I understand your desire for a dot com of your own. It feels more official, right? Like your site is all growed up now.

Thanks for visiting me.

Yvonne said...

Jaimie- couldn't have done it without you!!

PYF- thanks for both of those things .. made me smile :)

Noelle- It really does feel like that.

Laura said...

Exciting! I have been considering moving my blogger blog to my domain (already own the name thanks to sister's computer business boyfriend), but have not made the leap yet. Too nervous.