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May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

I love my mom :) She wrote a sweet post about how much she loves her kiddies (and while she didn't mention it specifically, I'm sure she just forgot to include that I'm her favorite!) here! So, I figured the least I could do was mention that I think out of all the moms in the world, I sure got lucky that I got her!

First off .. there's no way I could ever pass for NOT being her child. Seriously.

We hear that we look alike a lot.

Here's why my mom is pretty great, via photos. As is my style.

1. 15 years ago, Mom gave me 10 riding lessons. Thanks, Mom. Thanks for also coming to the barns on occasion, it meant so much to me:) Especially that time you met Shy ...

Hey Mom, this is Shyann. She's a good pony :)
Want to pet her?

Awww! LOVE this photo. 
My mom& my pony bonding ♥
Mom asking if the pony is allowed to have grass .. look at the size of her.
Obviously that thing kept MC mowed.

Perked ears = Mom picking the grass!
Sheer excitement.
Horrified after handing Shy the grass.
Probably a favorite photo of my mother& I!

2. She supports me in everything ..even runs before she has to drive to STU! Thanks for coming on your breaks at work& even braving the cold! You rock, Momma :)
I have none of her& me from this run :(

3. We have the same sense of humor. Which is nice ..because sometimes I think she's the only other person besides myself who finds me funny!
Laughing with Mel, while singing Christmas carols over the webcam.
Or something...

4. She had me. That basically earns her eternal cool points because if she didn't .. you wouldn't be reading this blog post. And that would be a TRAGEDY.
Look how stylish we were!
So cute.

There are lots more reasons ..but those ones are pretty great all on their own :) Hope you had a great Mother's Day in some way or another! Happy Sunday ..what a great weekend! How did you spend today / your weekend?

PS filly has a name -Penny :)
PPS Lakers are out of the playoffs. Mourning their loss.
PPS in honor of our weather for the next week, enjoy my new favorite band. Compliments go to Chevrolet commercial where I first heard it.


Anonymous said...

Aw what a sweet post! And lucky, we need rain down here.

Allison said...

that is my fav pic of us when u were a tiny tot...xo