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April 28, 2011

Anonymous blogging

When I'm trying to think of a topic to blog about, a situation that happened to me in real life is usually one of my first thoughts. It's at moments like that that I wish I had of made the decision to blog anonymously. Especially if the situation that comes to mind was less than flattering. I wonder, would that person ever even read my blog? What if they stumbled on it and got upset? I would, of course, leave out personal details to minimize the damage. Mostly because my posts would tend to be sarcastic& mean, which would make people not want to be my friend anymore.

Hilarious side note -can you spot all 3 of me in this photo?!

Not that people don't know that I'm sort of mean ..just, for some reason they still like me& I think that would change if I was putting my true thoughts down on the internet LOL. You'd lose all my facial expressions& inflections of voice that keep me from being taken in too harsh a way!

Aside from the the awesome fact of blogging without anyone having any idea who I am, I could have also had an awesome blog name. Like 'Girl behind the Curl' or something. I don't know .. it would be sweet is the moral of the story.

Oh well. I am not an anonymous blogger& so my posts will remain mediocre. One the bright side, I can post photos of myself, boyfriend& dog. Which means you don't have to miss gems like this:

People who blog: why did you choose to blog either way? Did you put thought into it before starting your blog? Let a girl in on the secret life of anonymous blogging. Is it as exciting as I imagine?!

PS -Like the new layout? I'm actually getting to be pretty handy with good old photoshop :)


Joyful Sparrow said...

I think I chose to blog anonymously (well, mostly anonymously - my picture is up on my page, but it doesn't show my face, and I don't use my real name) because I wanted people to focus on my words rather than my image. I want the words to stand out more than anything else, and I also kind of enjoy the mysteriousness of remaining anonymous. It kind of lets the reader decide what kind of character I might be in real life, and that's kind of fun, I think.

But I do wish I could post pictures of my man and I - and others of my friends and family. I often go back and forth about maybe "coming out" and showing who I am someday, but when I weigh out the pros and cons, for me, it always comes back to sticking with the anonymity, and seeing where that takes me. :-)

violentlyinlove said...

i definitely dig the colored scratches in the upper left corner, very cool. i started blogging with the concept of it being my dream art gallery i'd love to start one day just online. i avoid using my real name for no good reason...maybe i'll change that.

hah, i take sneaky photos of my boyfriend all the time. he'll appreciate them in good time. thanks for having me on your blog list! im honored

Yvonne said...

2 anonymous bloggers! I love the concept of no one really knowing who you are .. perhaps I'll start a second mystery blog just to see how differently it builds when your friends (read: mom& boyfriend LOL!) aren't reading it!

Also, I love your blog VIL so no thanks needed :) It rocks!