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April 28, 2011

Favorite things [1]

So .. I decided to do a post on a few of my favorite thingsssssss. I will dedicate this day (Wednesday) to things I love. It will have a clever name. I will call it Wicked Favorite Wednesdays.

That's right. I even made a button. Don't say I'm not THE BEST BLOGGER EVER.

So there we have it. My first thing that I have decided is totally awesome? Blue drinks. There is something to be said about the color blue, allow me to explain.
Blue is fabulous. It's the color of the ocean AND the sky. It's a universal color. That's so deep you don't even understand what it means (or at least -I don't). Blue is calm& cool -like me. Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue -again, like me. Mostly everyone likes me at least sometime in their life. It might be short lived or it might be a lifetime of longing to be as cool& calm as me. I am the living embodiment of -no. Not Christ. Even better - BLUE!

Now, why are blue drinks the best? They are so pretty .. they are tropical .. they are delicious .. they get you hammered. Many a person (aka 4) have asked for my recipe for my 'blue drink'. It doesn't have a name, or I don't know it and am way too lazy to look it up.

I have graciously decided to take the time to write it out for you.

1. Take a glass.
2. Add as much vodka as you can without feeling ashamed*
3. Add some blue Bols
4. Add a drop of 7-Up to decrease the chances of being shipped to AA.
5. Enjoy.
*Blogger Warning: Amount you can add without shame increases greatly when either drinking or mixing alone. At least have your dog give you a withering stare. It helps. Trust me. Thanks, Squirt.

Here is a photo of the steps. Just call me the next Van Gogh.

Now you have the visual. Here are some shots of fancy blue drinks :)

What are some of YOUR favorite things?! Let's link up ..or whatever it is you do when you own a blog& make a button.


Joyful Sparrow said...

I'm going to have to figure out how to make those buttons... and then I'll join you!

Meghan said...

This definitely deserves top spot on favourite things! Blue is delicious :)

Yvonne said...

Feel free to steal my button took 4 seconds lol

Meg - SO true.