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February 16, 2011

Windy Wednesdays

They suck. At least they both start with a 'W' though, so I sound clever for putting them together! Currently, I am laying on my boyfriends bed and that is my excuse for why my photo of the day will not be posted until tomorrow. I have it on my camera, but Garret doesn't have 2 things:
1. A camera cord for me to upload that isn't out in my cold car (aka it's here, but I'm lazy!)
2. Photoshop for that post-processing look that actually makes it seem like I know what I'm doing when I'm using my camera!

With both of those obstacles standing firmly in my way of uploading a decent photo (and let's be honest, I need one after yesterdays pathetic attempt), I have decided to just treat everyone to a double dose of photo of the day tomorrow! So, how did I spend my Wednesday?

I spent it surviving my foodborne midterm (thank you, test gods. Someday I will produce a statue in your honor!) and then surviving occupational hygiene and foodborne lab. Then it was time to leave, so I got Garret and we went to hang out with my puppy for a bit and then for a trip to Walmart because we are super classy! Today was a sad day, today I mourned the loss of P90X as he finally asked for it back. Thank you, Tony, for many good months spent together. Let us all have a moment of silence in remembrance of when I was in shape.

Okay, now that we have properly mourned my workout program, let me just say that I'm trying to move on. We went to Walmart for 2 reasons, one was more important than the other. The first reason was so that we could get windshield wash for my poor Civic (we did. YAY! No more driving really close behind cars as they go through puddles!) and the more important reason was to check out Insanity. I decided to wait on it and actually do some research before purchasing it (Mom, be proud), however, I will most likely own it before the week is out. When I want something, I just want it. Frig waiting. I've waiting 23 years, if you include the years I didn't know about / want it. I will be sad to see the days of P90X leaving me, but excited to move on to the world of a new personal trainer on my TV. Hopefully he will have even 1/3 the personality of Tony. I will also provide a full review upon purchasing and completing a workout or two.

So, after leaving Walmart, I tricked Garret into going to see some puppies at Brett's Pet Depot. There were not many puppies I wanted to take home, however there was another dachshund pup there. He was not nearly as cute as Walter (long story .. we didn't ever own him. Just loved him like he was ours ahaha), but he was soooo long. And the best part about these puppies? GARRET ACTUALLY LIKES THEM! There is hope someday I'll have a puppy with him ahahaha until then, I will placate myself with just going to puppy stores and pretending like I'm am actually there to purchase one. Secretly, I'm just there to soak up some puppy love and attention.

After puppies, we decided to get a movie. We got The American. George Clooney is in it. He is handsome, but not so much in this movie. This movie sucked. It was in another language a lot and the captions were REALLY tiny. I could barely read them, and I even have glasses now!! The important part about our trip to Blockbuster was that we spent $6 on those stupid voodoo dolls that are there when you're exiting the store. I put my toonie in and got a stupid red voodoo doll in a cape (wtf.). So then, after that we didn't have any more toonies and so he was like 'Throw in a loony.' Yeah. Like that will work. Guess what? It worked. We ripped that mother off and got THREE MORE voodoo dolls (it was a moment. Don't judge. Photos coming tomorrow.) for only $3!! I encourage everyone to go buy some. If you happen to get the black doll, I'll trade you for the shitty one with a cape. Let me know.

Until then, I'm sorry I'm leaving this (extremely long winded) post without a photo for your viewing pleasure. Instead, I will leave you with a photo of our new favorite passtime. In honor of actually finding this photo, starting tomorrow I will start updating our collection. I plan to have them ALL before long. Hell, they're half price from here on out!


Allison said...

proud of you...but wondering why u would buy insanity...hang out with me and u can get it for free! xo

Yvonne said...

Oh Mom .. you crack me up!!