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February 17, 2011

One day .. two photos!

Okay, so as promised I will have two photos for you folks today. It is just going to start out with one (sorry, need to take day 14 photo still!). So today was Thursday and I was supposed to have a test in air quality tomorrow. Now? I don't. So life is good. .. I am officially done with school until after the break. Oh, how I adore you break. So many plans, but will refrain from talking about them until after they happen!

So today I went to foodborne lab and did some testing. Turns out I had a weirdly grown bacteria. It was interesting sort of. Then the lab ended an hour and a half early, so I went and got Garret for a tea and a drive. Then, it was time to go back to school for air quality lab. Which was semi-long, but ended well due to rescheduling of the test :D

After lab, I headed to the gym with Marg for the first time in a few days. It was excellent. Ran a few miles, did some bosu ball and then we headed to the mall where we got Orange Julius and shopped for shoes! I almost bought a new pair of Nike Frees, but I didn't like the guy who was serving us. He was being a jerk and asking me if I knew how to run in the Frees. Even though I had already told him I had a pair currently. That is just stupid. Stupid people frustrate me so much .. please, use your brain before speaking. Especially when it involves interacting with me.

Now I'm home. I am planning on TWO blog updates today. Here's why:
1. I have two photos to post
2. I have another blog post to post

I can't post both photos and posts at the same time because:
1. Photo wasn't taken yet
2. Next blog post will be a review of Insanity Day 1 (yup. I bought it. Oops).

Okay, so now I have completed Insanity Fit Test. This was day 1. This was my first realization that the program I have purchased was perhaps a good decision for my overall fitness and a bad one for my sanity. I should have figured that out considering the name of it is Insanity. Here is a breakdown of my first attempt:

The Fit Test is 30 minutes long and you are supposed to do it every 15 days, so a total of 4 times. The warmup is nuts and powers through jogging, jumping jacks, Heisman's, 1-2-3s, butt kicks and high knees. I was winded by the end of it, that is how crazy it is.
After the warm up, we did a quick stretch and moved into the 8 moves of max reps for a full minute. I recorded my results and hopefully there will be improvements! The eight moves are:
1. Switch Kicks
2. Power Jacks
3. Power Knees
4. Power Jumps
5. Globe Jumps
6. Suicide Jumps
7. Push Up Jacks
8. Low Plank Obliques

It seems deceptively easy when solely being written down or explained. It is not. Since it was only thirty minutes, I didn't bother slapping on my heart rate monitor. Oops. I easily hit 85%. I promise to keep better track tomorrow when I tackle Day 2 - Cardio Circuit Plyometrics :( Wish me luck!

So, for now I leave you with my good looking boyfriend as my photo of the day #13:

I need work on portraits of people and I find it awkward to take them. So starting with the boyfriend is a good idea, will move on to others as my skills in this area improve! Hopefully, rather quickly :) And now, photo #14 which was taken this morning after my foodborne lab. So yes, I am too tired to even TRY to take another photo. I basically can't wait to have this post finished and watch X-Weighted!! It also keeps with the theme of having Garret related photos in this post ahaha it isn't him .. it's his one true love: the custom motorcycle he is building!

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