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February 18, 2011


So today was my last day of classes before I get a glorious week off!
They were nothing worth noting, other than 2 hilarious old school movies in Occ. Hygiene. We watched them on VHS. So 1980. Then Marg, Karli and I hit up the mall. I bought a sweet dress from Le Chateau for 50$, god love sales. After that, I came home and enjoyed a thoroughly exhilarating workout of Insanity Plyometrics.

Insanity's version of plyo is SICK. I will say, it does seem to fly by much faster than P90X plyo. I think that had something to do with the crazy fast pace and I don't know the moves yet for this one. I had P90X plyo memorized so it was really easy to just follow along. I am hoping I will improve, it was a good workout. At one point, you spend the whole time doing stupid push ups and being in plank for 3 minutes, moving your legs in and out and left / out / right / out. KILL ME. So so hard. I sweat a solid amount of toxins from my body ahaha and am now enjoying writing a blog, that sadly for you folks, won't be including a photo because I didn't take it yet! I am going to take it after I shower, while waiting for my hair to dry. I will either post it before shipping off to enjoy dancing with the girls or I may just update with both tomorrow. Really, depends on my time management skills. Mostly, I'm just glad to be sitting down instead of standing on my legs. They are WASTED.

I got a sick new playlist for the gym and when I went to use it yesterday, I forgot my changer for my shuffle. Ugh. So I am listening to it now and getting re-energized again! I feel like I could totally redo plyometrics. Instead, I have to shower / get ready / throw on a dress / go out with the girls. I suppose that it's not really such a bad alternative ahaha I hope my legs allow me to dance!
Hope everyone has a lovely Friday evening :)


Tiff said...

im on day 3 of 90. pylometrics for the first time last night, today i ache a good ache. i like to go dancing too you know, just sayin'!!

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