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February 19, 2011

Stormy Saturday!

Wow the weather sucks. So much so, that I actually got the call at work to shut down early!! So now it's 8.43PM and I'm curled up in my bed in my PJs :) Life is certainly good.

Along with having the day shut down early, I also did Insanity Day 3 today - Cardio. It sucked SO. MUCH. I love this program but I actually have tears when performing it from shear effort. It's insane and crazy. When I watch the people who perform this, my mind is blown. How are they keeping up? I will never know. So for now, let me just say tomorrow has the word 'recovery' in it. I am hoping that means 'easier than the fit test'. I remain cautiously optimistic until I attempt it.

Along with that, my mothers poor little blue car is broken. Poor little thing. So now we're sharing faithful Civic until the Mini is restored to full health! So, for now, I'm at the mercy of my parents and their willingness to drive me places ahaha. So I survived Saturday evening at work without my car, now I just have to get through Sunday, Monday& Tuesday. Ugh, how I dread all those wasted hours of life at that place.

Alrighty, now onto my photos. I have yesterdays. I SWEAR I will get caught up with this project before 11.59PM this evening. I promise. I am holding myself accountable to the people of my blog. Procrastination kills me.

So, this is my dog. We have already met him, in the light box. This time we meet him in the form of 'this is what I look like as a regular scruffy dog. Just walking around.'. I hope you love this photo of him as much as I do <3

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Allison said...

mini health has been restored...temp boly in place til real mini bolt can be obtained!!